What's going on at The Green Album.

A postcard from Wales


An abstract photo of Cardiff Millenium Stadium has been printed in the Western Mail, commonly known as "The national newspaper of Wales", in their daily in 'A postcard from Wales' section

Opticks Magazine featured photographer


selection of my photos have been published in the edition #7 of the online art based Opticks Magazine, in which I was one of the featured photographers. It can be viewed at
My work can be found at Page 74 onwards

Focus Letters


Two images of typography blocks have been selected for inclusion in a book about Letters, published by in 2011, to showcase the work of digital photographers.

My images feature on both the front cover and inside the book. The book is available to buy now from bookshops, amazon and other online retailers.

BoA Photography Group : Year One exhibition


A selection of my images are on display at the West Barn in Bradford-on-Avon, from 26th to 28th March 2010, as part of the BoA Photography Group 1st year exhibition.

Bath in Time - City on Show


A photo of a Morris Minor parked on the cobbled streets of Bath has been selected for the Bath in Time - City on show exhibition.

The exhibition runs from 30th November to 20th December 2009. This photo was printed in the December issues of Bath Life and Bath Magazine to promote the exhibition

GECA Spa 2010 Calendar


A photo of the La Defense steps in Paris, titled 'Leciontre' has been selected as the September image for the GECA Spa 2010 calendar.

The theme for the calendar is 'Together' and shows how people interact with each other on a daily basis.

The calendar can be viewed here : GECA Spa 2010 Calendar

BTEC Art & Design Book


Two photos of the sculpture Ship to Shore by Jon Buck, which are permanently on show in Port Marine, Portishead, have been selected for use in the next edition of the BTEC Art & Design book to be published on 28th March 2010

The Pigman's Legacy


Paul Zindel's The Pigman's Legacy audio cd published, featuring my disco pig image on the front cover. Available online and at all good bookshops.

White as a colour


The image "Beach Umbrellas" is to be used in a blurb book entitled "White as a colour" in an effort to raise funds for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis.

The book has been created by Sophie Addison and is available for preview at the following link: Sophie Addison Books

A book about Love


The image 'A Hearty Plate' has been selected for inclusion in a book about Love, published by in 2010, to showcase the work of digital photographers.

Each book focuses on a specific visual theme with a wealth of great images from a large community of individuals around the world. The first book will spotlight images of hearts found in the world around us, from nature and food to urban environments and more.

This book can be bought here: Amazon

Disco Pig


The 'Disco Pig' image has been chosen for use on the cover of the Audio book on CD, "The Pigman's Legacy" by Paul Zindel.

This can be bought here : Amazon

Bath in Time : Lost and Found exhibition


The image 'Blue Eyes' has been selected for the Bath in Time : Lost and Found exhibition at Bath Library from 8th - 21st December 2008. To see the entire set of images on display visit this link:-

Lost and Found exhibition

HelvetIQ - A Swiss board game


The images "Weighing Scales" is to be included as a trivia card in a new swiss board game called HelvetlQ -